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Made in 2019, 4th Year, Atomic Attack is my Final Year Serious Game project inspired by “Defend Your Castle (2008)”, developed to teach players about the first 18 elements of the Periodic Table and its real-life applications on PC and mobile.

The game is an endless Anti-Tower Defense Serious Game and the objective is to destroy the Enemy Castle as fast as possible. The Blue Units will be continiously spawning and defending against the player’s Red Units. The player will act as a general commander – buying upgrades for Red Units inspired by the Periodic Table, and interacting with Blue Units by throwing them about.

Responsible for – Scripting, finding free assets and editing if necessary.
Content creators are credited here in this file.
Contribution – Dr Iain McLellan for providing me the correct scientific knowledge for each of the element’s real-life application.

Mouse Drag - interact with Blue Units

Code on GitHub

Install instructions

- Download.
- Unzip.
- Open "Atomic Attack.exe".


_AtomicAttack-EXE-Windows.zip 16 MB

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